Understanding Frizzy Textured Hair

Understanding Frizzy Textured Hair | Curly Hair Problems

Understanding Frizzy Textured Hair

Developing a greater understanding of frizzy texture hair is important for healthy hair growth. After taking photos of my hair I am able to see my hair in a different light.   I can see how it behaves, the differences in curl definition and shine! I am so amazed at how shiny my hair is without any product! What I’ve also noticed is that the front and crown of my hair has high levels of frizz plus appears more textured.  There are also different sizes of curls where the curl pattern towards the front of my head is tighter than the back of my head.

Now, I noticed that I  have high levels of frizz towards the front, sides, and crown of my hair due to the level of environmental exposure. Furthermore, the hair along the front edges of my hair is greying. “Grey hairs are known to be coarser than hairs with melanin pigmentation.” The red hairs you see in the pictures below are my grey hairs dyed with henna.

First of all, my primary focus in to boost moisture levels throughout my hair. Since lack of moisture may be the culprit to the halo of frizz. It is also important that I show special loving care to my hair. Especially if my plans is to grow longer healthier hair.

The pictures below give intricate details about my hair and what I discovered so far.

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Frizz and Texture Difference.

In the above picture, you can see the frizz and texture difference in my hair strands. My hair is cleansed and is not coated with any hair products.  Both back and front sections of my hair are healthy with high shine. The difference is the front side of my hair appears frizzier than the back of my hair



The Back Of My Hair With Hair Product

When products are applied to the back of my hair my curls become more defined and any sign of frizz goes away.


Photo of the back of my hair

This is the back of my hair after the hair products set and absorbed for a few minutes.


Hair Product Applied To The Front Of My Hair

In this picture, my hair appears very frizzy and the hair products practically beads of the hair. This section of my hair is much more dryer and highly textured compared to the back of my hair. My hair was washed, cleansed and deep conditioned. Followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse, then I applied a leave-in conditioner and finished with a hair butter.


The Hair Towards The Front Of My Hair With Product.

This picture is the front of my hair after the product has set for a few minutes. As you can see the products has not fully absorbed into my hair compared to the front of my hair.


In conclusion, I will pay more attention towards the front of my hair when styling and handling my hair. To ensure that the my hair receives an adequate amount of moisture. Also, be gentle to my frizz-prone hair when detangling. This will lessen the chance of unnecessary breakage.

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to observe my hair and document any changes.

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Fact: did you know that afro-textured hair is the shiniest hair in the world due to it containing high levels of melanin? Check out this post by Chicoro.

“However, Barnicot and Birbeck [96] state that the pigment granules in the skin of Blacks are larger and more numerous than in the skin of Caucasians, similar to the pigment granules in the hair of Blacks and Caucasians.”..[ …] Keis et al, determined that single hairs of African Americans are among the shiniest of hairs [99]…

page 305

Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair, 5th Edition

By Clarence R. Robbins




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