curly hair observation

Curly Hair Observation | Starting A Healthy Hair Regimen

Curly Hair Observation 

Before I begin my building a healthy hair care regimen I really need to take a closer look at my hair by doing a curly hair observation. I need to know what it is lacking and not lacking. Maintain a continuous healthy hair care regimen. Also, my hair needs to consistently be styled in a way that will promote healthy hair growth. But what I realized is that even though my hair feels pretty soft and moisturized most of the time. That moisture is not evenly distributed throughout my hair.

What I’ve Noticed About My Hair

  • First of all, certain areas of my hair curl patterns are looser than others. At first, I thought it is how my hair just grows from my scalp. I realized it’s much deeper than that. The curlier section of my hair is very soft to the touch, the curls clump effortlessly when wet and detangling is a breeze.
  • The other sections of my hair are curly but have different frizz levels.  Which means these sections do not clump when wet (unless a styler is used). They are just a mass of undefined curls.
  • My hair takes a moment to absorb water. Some areas of my hair absorb water well when others do not.
  • Detangling certain areas of my hair (with the least curly definition) can be challenging. This can result in unnoticeable breakage that can slow down or hinder hair growth.

Well, I will be washing my hair soon and this will give me the opportunity to share photos of my hair. I look forward to sharing my upcoming post which will involve pictures. These pictures will give y’all more incite of what my hair looks like without product in its current state.

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This post is a part of the Max Moisture Challenge.

Have you observed your hair lately?  Is it dry or lacking curly definition?  Are you detangling sessions a strain or are you experiencing hair breakage? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below.