Curly Girl Regimen | Max Moisture Challenge

Curly Girl Regimen

Currently, I am in need of a natural hair regimen that will assist in boosting moisture levels into my hair. Especially since I’ve been neglecting my hair a bit lately. My desire is the reach optimum hair health. But in order to achieve this I need an easy to follow natural hair regimen that can easily be washed and styled regularly. Furthermore, it must be a hair style that does not require constant manipulation to maintain.

In this case I am choosing to maximize moisture by incorporating braids, twists, twist outs, braid outs or “wash and go” into my everyday hair style The reason why I am choosing these hair styles is because they are low manipulation hair styles that it can easily be moisturize on a daily to weekly basis. Once the hair is styled there is no need to manipulate the hair until the next wash day. Also, I am challenging myself to a 6 months challenge to healthy hair growth. If you are interested in this challenge you are welcome to join along with me.

Goal Of Challenge

The goal of this challenge is all about moisture, strengthening and length retention. By consistently infusing moisture into my hair will be prone to less breakage with my curls becoming more plump over time.  Strengthening hair with protein treatments, henna or protein based conditioner to help keep my hair cuticle layers flat and strong.

Therefore, documenting my progress weekly via photos or hair updates are also important. Just to be sure the cuticles of the hair stay in tact and for frizz prevention. I will use my fingers for detangling more than using a comb. If a comb must be used it will be seamless such wooden or buffalo horn combs. A great detangling comb to try is  Oidad detangling comb.

The 6 months Challenge is from October 2017 until April 2018. Goal is a healthy head of curls, to maximize moisture and breakage prevention .

My Hair Care Regimen

First 2 Weeks

I will cleanse my hair with shampoo or cleansing conditioner followed by  deep conditioning, a leave in conditioner, and a styler such as hair gel, butter or an oil. In between wash days I will mist my hair with water to hydrate my curls and assure that it maintains moisture. This will be done every 3 to 4 days for a total of 15 days to jumpstart the healthy hair regimen.  Once a month I will do a henna treatment to strengthen my hair and color my grey hair.


Cleanse my hair with a shampoo or cleansing conditioner once a week when needed. Followed by a leave-In conditioner and/or styler (gel) finishing with a little oil or hair butter to seal in moisture and for shine.   Spritzing my hair with a leave-in or water in between wash days.


Since I desire to maintain maximum moisture I will shampoo, deep condition, and apply henna monthly. Style in braids or twists.

The purpose of protective styles is to help dry hair retain moisture plus reduce any signs of breakage. The leave in conditioner will soften, help your hair retain moisture and keep your curls in tact. The styler such as a gel, oil or butter will help  with frizz prevention and lock in moisture.

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