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14 Days Of Fasting Day 3 | Detoxing and Internal Cleansing

14 days of fasting Day 3 Today I am giving you all a brief update on my 14 days of fasting day 3 outcome. Well, the first 2 days were the hardest to overcome. I was exhausted, fatigued, and felt as if I was lacking food. But, I understand that these symptoms are my body […]


14 Days Of Fasting | For Detoxing and Internal Cleansing

14 Days Of Fasting Starting today, I am going a 14 days of fasting. To rejuvenate my body with fruits and vegetables. Also, rid the desire for those high calorie salty and sugary treats. Lately, I’ve been fiending for salty snacks and sugary sweets that I just can’t seem to break. Furthermore, It’s been a […]


African Fashion | Africa’s Top 12 Street Style Instagrammers

African Fashion African fashion is eclectic, bold, vibrant and colourful . A sharp contrast to the minimalist and muted styles of the West. And thanks to Instagram, Africans (such as StylePantry) now take centre stage in the global style scene, with a few attaining the coveted style star status. Every one of the street style instagrammers stand out because of their unique […]


The Missing Education on Black Hair

These questions spur a conversation about Afro-textured hair that should be occurring. The lack of this conversation has resulted in discriminatory events, for example, this past week Tiffany Bryan, a 27-year-old cancer survivor from New York, was fired from her job for wearing an Afro. This event is not the first: Within the last 12 months soldiers in […]


News Anchor Removes Wig To Reveal Natural-Hair After Chemo

Tennessee news anchor Pam McKelvy shares a vulnerable moment on live television in hopes of inspiring young women that hair is not everything. “I want everybody to know that no matter what you go through, it’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s about what’s on the inside,” she said while dabbing tears from her […]


Hair Story: Managing curly-kinky hair

THERE’S no end to horrific hair care stories — broken combs, tangled knots, experiments with relaxing or flat ironing as moms seek ways to get the kink out of their girls’ hair. Nowadays with the renewed focus on going natural, there’s emphasis on which oils and butters will soften the hair, and many moms are […]


Relaxers won’t be around for long

I see the demise of relaxers. The caustic chemical treatments that straighten kinky hair will fall as natural hair solidifies its place as a staple and not a fad in the Black hair world. This will happen because this new wave of curls is happening in a different context than the hyper-political afro of the […]

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