Henna After Hair Dye

Henna After Hair Dye | Why I am revisiting henna for hair.

I’m revisiting henna after hair dye. About a year ago, I decided to give henna a break since I have not gotten the best experience. My hair would always appear to feel dry, even though my hair color and shine were beautiful.  I would condition my hair weekly then follow up with my occasional root touch-ups, hair moisturizing, and oiling. Still, I had dehydrated hair. So, I decided to give up on henna (after seven years of using henna) to figure out what I was doing wrong. During that time, I turned to commercial hair dye.

Why I Stopped Using Henna

At first, I believed that henna’s strengthening properties was the cause of my problems. You see, henna applied to the hair, enters the hair cuticles, strengthening the hair’s cortex. The strengthening properties can affect our hair’s bendability, which can eventually cause our hair to break. Moisture retention can also be affected.  Especially those of use with tightly curly hair types. For then on, I was through with using henna. 

I even did a video explaining why I decided to stop using henna. A decision that I now regret.


I was missing the results of henna.

Over time, I began to miss the impact that henna had on my hair. My hair felt conditioned, stronger, and it was soothing to my dry, flaky scalp. Furthermore, henna was eliminating all signs of potential dandruff.  My hair was healthy, thick, and beautiful. 

Henna After Hair Dye | Why I decided to henna my hair.

I’ve realized that I’ve been approaching henna all wrong over the years. My focus was basically on coloring my gray hairs and strengthening my tresses.  I’ve been neglecting the fact that I was not using henna for its conditioning properties. Yes, I said it, Conditioning Properties. Henna has lovely conditioning properties. If appropriately used, henna can assist with strengthening, conditioning, and moisturizing your hair. In the end, you will have stronger, healthier hair with less breakage. 

Here I explain why I am returning back to henna. This time I am going to make it work!


Henna For Hair | How to Use it Properly

Can You Use Henna Over Dyed Red Hair Color

Yes, as long as you are using good quality natural or herbal blended henna. Purchase henna that does not contain chemical additives, adulterants, metallic salts, para-phenylenediamine. These chemicals can react with commercial hair dye causing irreversible damage to your hair. The henna will blend well with the commercial red dye color giving you beautiful deep auburn color.

Henna Hair Regimen | For Strengthening and Coloring Grey Hair

My Goal To Long Term Health Hennaed Hair

From now on, I will be showing you how to achieve healthy hair using henna.  Moreover, I will be using Ayurvedic and herbal remedies, along with the use of henna. 

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