60 Day Hair Challenge 2019 | For Natural Hair Growth

It is time to do a 60 day hair challenge since it’s getting towards the end of the year. I want to end 2019 with my natural hair moisturized and in its healthiest state. As a part of the 60 day natural hair challenge, my focus will be on Ayurveda and herbal remedies. Furthermore, I will continue to work on a regimen that will improve my hair’s length and moisture. The 60 day natural hair challenge with end on December 31, 2019, where I will share my results.

My Natural Hair In Its Current State:

Lately, I’ve been doing henna treatments. I must say the results are promising! My natural hair is now stronger, and there is less hair shedding. In other words, I am finding less hair in my brushes and combs. Also, my hair has grown a few inches since my last trim, which was in July 2019. Currently, my hair has grown past armpit length. My current goal is to reach bra strap hair length. I will do a length check in January 2020. (See my 2019 Hair Growth Challenge Here).

In the past year, I’ve chemically dyed my hair, the color red. Oh, how I love red my red hair! Most of all, henna has taken my hair color to a whole other level! My hair is now a vibrant deep auburn color with highlights from my grey hair that shimmers in the light. Now, it’s thick, full, with volume!


My 60 Day Hair Challenge Regimen

I will primarily incorporate Ayurveda and herbal treatments as a part of my 60 day natural hair care regimen. Moreover, my regular hair routine will include henna, hair oiling, hair messages, conditioning, and protective styling.

Henna treatments will be a significant part of the hair challenge.

I will do monthly henna treatments, followed by deep conditioning and hair oiling. First, I create enough dye released henna to last for a few months. Releasing the henna dye (lawsone) will ensure that I get full grey coverage and a deep auburn (not orange) hair color. ( See how I create my dye released henna here). Additionally, I will mix the henna with moisturizing teas or other herbs to guarantee that my hair maintains it’s softness.

Henna After Hair Dye | Why I am revisiting henna for hair

Build A Hair and Scalp Oiling Routine.

Next, I will build a hair and scalp oiling routine. Hair oiling softens the inner cortex and protects the cuticles from damage. Therefore, using oils on your hair will prevent your hair from becoming dry, dehydrated, breaking, and splitting. I will begin by herbal oiling my scalp with coconut oil before washing my hair. Then follow up with a daily Ayurvedic oiling scalp massage with olive oil. This regimen should improve the look, feel, and softness of my hair. I will also apply a thicker oil such as castor, shea butter, or mineral oil (which is a natural oil) for long term moisture retention.

Scalp Messaging For Healthy Natural Hair Growth

During my hair oiling routine, I will also focus on scalp messaging. Scalp massages are known for increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. For this reason, this will help me achieve stronger, healthier hair. More importantly, scalp massages aids in stress relief and good night sleep.

Lastly, is Conditioning and Protective Styling.

I will continue with my cleansing and conditioning regimen, which includes weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning. My protective styling routine will consist of styling my hair in twists or covering my hair with headwraps. (Learn more about how I wrap my hair here).

I am considering wearing my hair loose and free more since I am developing a regimen that will protect my strands from becoming damage. Twists outs or braid outs will be my hairstyles for 3 to 4 days before being placed into a protective style.

Natural Curly Hair Regimen | Low Maintenance Routine

So Let The End Of The Year 2019 60 Day hair Challenge Begin!

I guess this is about it for now. If everything turns out great, I will be doing a 2020 Ayurvedic Hair Challenge.

Until next Post Stay Tuned,


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