Dominican Blowout

Dominican Blowout | On Natural Hair + Dubi How-To

Dominican Blowout | On Natural Hair Plus Dubi (Hair Wrap) How To

Dominicans know how to style sleek hairstyles using the Dominican Blowout technique. It originated in the Dominican Republic and is a chemical-free way to wear your natural hair straight. Especially in climates where there are humid conditions. The process involves washing, blowdrying then straightening with an optional roller set.

Here are 2 videos that demonstrates the Dominican Blowout and Roller Set technique.

Dominican Blow Out
Dominican Roller Set

Dominican Blowout Supplies Needed

Here are the recommended supplies you will need to accomplish this look.

  • Round Brush
  • Magnetic Rollers
  • Hooded Blow dryer
  • Blow Dryer with nozzle attachment
  • Butterfly Clamps (to hold the hair in place)
  • Shampoo
  • Silicone Base Deep Conditioner
  • Shine Spray or Serum
  • Rat-tail Comb (for parting hair)
How To Blowout Hair Using A Round Brush and Blow dryer.

Steps to Take For The Perfect Blowout For Soft Silky Hair.

  1. Cleanse and deep condition hair for best results.
  2. Set hair with rollers. This will give hair more body and minimize direct heat on the hair strands. Drying time can take up to 2 hours.
  3. Once hair is completely dry. Now it is blow dried with a round brush. The round brush is what stretches the hair giving it a sleek shiny look without the use of a flat iron.
  4. lastly, the shine serum is applied the the hair giving it a shine almost glass effect. The shine serum will also aid in your hair moisture retention.

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How To Achieve The Blow Out Style Without Using Rollers

The use of rollers minimizes the use of direct heat to the hair. But if you prefer a quicker method to achieve the style. Then the hair pressing technique will be your best choice.

  • Begin by cleansing and deep conditioning your hair.
  • Next, blow dry the hair to get it as straight as possible
  • Now, flat iron the hair and wrap it into a dubi.
Dubi Tutorial

How To Maintain Your Dominican Straightened Hairstyle.

Simply just style your hair in a dubi hair wrap before you go to bed at night and before exercising at the gym. Also, stay away from water and steam. This includes excess steam in the shower. Always cover your hair with a plastic cap to protect it. Only because water and stem will ruin your hairstyle. With proper maintenance including wrapping your hair in a dubi. Your hairstyle will last for weeks.

How To Condition Natural Or Curly Hair

Dominican Blowouts Should Be Done No More Than Twice A Month (Every Other Week).

To prevent heat damage the blowout should be done no more than twice a month. Additionally, deep conditioning should always be done to prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Furthermore, the Dominican method of hair straightening is a great easy way to change up you hairstyle. It is also one of the perfect ways to achieve the desired silky straight hairstyle.

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