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No Formaldehyde in Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo

Johnson & Johnson “No More Tears” baby shampoo claims that it will be formaldehyde free with its new formula as of this month. The US goverment classifies Formaldehyde as a cancer causing agent in high doses. Johnson & Johnson states that the amount of Formaldehyde found in bottle of its shampoo is 15 times less […]


Hair Story: I am not my hair

By Goldie Taylor I am not my hair. I am not the clumps of nappy blond ringlets I was born with. I am not the bouncy, lopsided roller set bouffant my mother gave me for school picture day.  I am not the neatly twisted pigtails decorated in colorful barrettes and hair bows that matched my […]


Curly Hair Pet Peeves: What Not To Say To A Person With Curly Hair

By: Carrie Murphy Most of the time, I love my naturally curly hair. I decided many years ago to just let it be, to stop fighting it, to “embrace the curl,” as they say. But that doesn’t mean my hair isn’t a source of fascination for quite a few other people. I get a lot […]


What’s All This Chatter About Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair

There has been much chatter about Beyonce’s 10+ year rockage of usually-blonde, usually-long weaves and wigs and there has also been a lot of talk about her baby’s kinky hair. What part of the game is this? The part that Black girls are used to.


Do black men ignore dark-skinned black women?

I had a lively discussion recently on black women and our intimate affair with hair, which eventually led to men and their preferences. Weave or no weave? Short or long? Color and natural versus the “processed” hair woman? Those are the questions. This conversation led to another issue correlated with hair textures: Skin color and the […]


Natural Hair News: Afro’s Popularity Grows in Senegal’s Capital

It’s the first Afro Dakar meeting of the year, and a couple of dozen women have gathered next door to a hair salon in Senegal’s capital. These business entrepreneurs, Internet bloggers and feminists are members of a club called N’happy Galsen, a group of women who encourage and celebrate natural hair styles, especially the Afro. […]


White Women Entitled to ‘Natural Hair’ Claim

There’s no real reason for black women to hoard the self-acceptance, techniques and good products. (The Root) — ]“I am a young white woman, though one who regularly reads The Root and associates quite often with young black women. Because I am almost always the ‘girliest’ friend, I inevitably get onto the topic of beauty and, on […]

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