Chlorine and Natural Hair

Chlorine & Natural Hair | Don’t Damage Your Curly Hair!

When swimming the last thing I want to think about is chlorine and natural hair. My family and I enjoy swimming in the pool and the great outdoors. For a matter of fact, during the summer months, we swim often and spend a lot of time at a nearby beach.

My Hair Was Not Retaining Moisture

At one point I had to cut back from swimming because my hair was not retaining moisture. Moreover, it was becoming very dry and brittle despite all of the efforts I would put into maintaining it. This means my hair was becoming damaged. Even my daughters’ hairs (3 girls) were becoming a task. About an hour minimum of washing and drying for each person. Can you imagine how exhausting that can be?

After having a great day spending time with my family at the pool. The last thing I want to do is spend long hours washing and maintaining hair. At the same time, worrying about our hair becoming damaged from chlorine and salt water.

Swimming And Natural Hair Care Is Simple

I just want to let you know that natural hair care and swimming is simple. Swimming and the pool should always be a fun and exciting experience. Worrying about our natural hair being chlorine or salt water damage should be the last thing on our minds. Having the proper information, good hair care products and an easy to follow regimen you will be on your way to enjoying the pool every day.

Natural Curly Hair Regimen | Low Maintenance Routine

Tips To Prevent Hair Damage When Swimming

If possible, rinse the chlorine form your natural hair with water before you get into the pool. Your hair will not be able to absorb the chlorinated water if it is drenched with tap water.

Apply hair serum or oil to your wet hair paying attention to the ends. The oil will protect your hair from friction.

Don’t wear a swim cap if it pulls too tightly on your hair. Swim caps are not necessary and can eventually cause damage to your hairline if it fits too tightly.

After a swim, rinse your hair with tap water. Even if you don’t have time to cleanse your hair. Rinsing your hair with tap water will dilute the chlorine. Lessening potential damage to the structure of your hair. Then cover your hair with a hat or scarf if you plan on staying out in the sun.

Chlorine does not rinse out of your natural hair. Therefore, always cleanse your hair after every swim. Chlorine left in the hair more than 24 hours can lead to potential damage. In fact, chlorine removes natural oils from the hair. Furthermore, chlorine can enter the cuticles damaging the inner layers of the hair strands.

Seek shampoo as well as no suds or low suds conditioners that contain chelating agents. Since they will remove chlorine and mineral deposits from the hair. Other options are Swimmers Shampoos.

Follow your regular hair washing regimen focusing on conditioning your hair. You must condition your hair after every swim. Conditioners will replace lost moisture to the hair, soften and bring back flexibility. Top your hair off with oil or serum to prevent friction between your hair strands.

For quick and easy styling after you are done washing your hair on swim day. Try styling your hair into a loose bun, a few twists or braids then let it air dry. This will prevent your hair from matting or knotting while it drys. Also, minimize the use of heat on your hair to a blow dryer with a diffuser or a bonnet hair dryer.

Effects Of Chlorine On Human Hair

Recommended Products That Will Leave You With Great Looking Hair After Every Swim.

These products contain ingredients that will protect your hair from chlorine and salt water damage every time you swim. Moreover, they will remove pool chemicals after you get out of the pool. These products will keep your hair feeling soft and moisturized so you can enjoy the water every day.

Conditioner Cleansers

These cleansers are gentle to hair and can be used daily right after you are done swimming.

Moisturizing Shampoos

Perfect if you are seeking a moisturizing deep cleansing aid that will remove chlorine, product build-up and leave you with a clean breathable scalp.

Swimmers Shampoo

Swimmers Shampoo is perfect if you begin to experience swimmers hair. Swimmers shampoo not only removes chlorine and mineral deposits from your natural hair but it also removes swimmers green. This shampoo is recommended if you have blond, grey or light-colored hair. The products I listed below are sulfate-free, moisturizing and can be used daily.

What Causes Swimmers Hair?

Quick Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioners

These are great rinse out and detangling conditioners. This conditioners leave your hair feeling smooth, moisturized and soft. I recommend using rinse out conditioners after cleansing conditioners for best results.

Leave-In Conditioners , Styling Creams

These items can be used interchangeably. Also, if you are swimming in chlorine often during the week I recommend leave-in conditioners and creams to be applied throughout your natural hair. The gels only along the hairline.

Hair Oils & Serums To Protect The Hair

(*) Very Dry Hair

I hope that these tips and hair products help you enjoy the pool and water more as it has for me and my family!

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