Clairol Root Touch Up for Hair has been one of my favorite go-to hair dyes.

Clairol Root Touch Up – Gray hair and new growth permanent hair color.

Clairol Root Touch Up for Natural Hair has been one of my favorite go-to hair dyes this year. It is reasonably priced, and the color application and processing time take less than 15 minutes to do. Furthermore, Clairol hair dye does a great job with coloring grey hairs or new growth. It is a permanent hair color that lasts. A root touch up is all that is needed when you begin seeing new growth. Moreover, it’s waterproof coverage that lasts! In other words, you can extend your number of trips to the salon. 

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There is always a money-saving deal with the Clairol Hair Color Brand.

You heard me right. There is always a deal with Clairol products, especially if you are someone who is seeking to save a few dollars. Go to to save $2 to $5 on Clairol hair dye brands. As a matter of fact, its available at Walmart for about $7.00.

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