Children’s Hairstyles: Basic Ponytail Twist Set On Wet Hair



This  basic ponytail twists done on wet hair  is a very simple hairstyle I did on my daughter’s hair that is perfect if you are in a rush or seeking a quick and simple style. This hairstyle takes less than 20 minutes to do all you need is a moisturizing leave in conditioner and hairstyling creme/butter of choice.

Steps to take for moisturized hair and easy comb out:

1) Cleanse hair with a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo.

(I choose to shampoo her hair weekly or (biweekly depending on hairstyle) since it gives me a clean slate to work with plus it allows moisture, oils and herbs to penetrate hair and scalp)

2) Deep Condition the hair using a deep conditioner or hair mask.

(A good deep conditioner will help with adding moisture to hair, strengthen it, soften the cuticles, and assist with detangling.)

3)Apply a good moisturizing leave in detangler.

(This is the most important step. The leave in detangler takes the pain out of combing out curly/kinky hair.  A detangler that contains plant derived moisturizing ingredients plus natural oils and butters helps with healthy hair growth)

4) Apply an oil, butter, or styling cream of choice.

Vola That’s It!!!

I follow these simple steps above when styling my daughters hair and let it air dry. This style usually last about a week before it needs to be redone.  There is also a considerable amount of shrinkage with curly hair but her hair is stretched with either twists or braids.

The only products I use in my kids hair is the Tukka Naturals Product Line. It works exceptionally well for our  hair.  By the way, this is our family product line.