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Best Henna Mix For Intense Red Color

To achieve the best henna mix for intense red color or highlights begin by mixing henna with the proper acidic solution. Since lawsone molecule migrates from the henna plant into the hair keratin. It will only stain the hair red-orange color. Therefore, red stains of henna are more noticeable on lighter hair colors. Darker hair colors will reveal red highlights. In this post, we are going to focus on getting the best henna stain for your hair. You can also learn more about how henna works here.

 Acidic acids That dye hair red

Acidic acid solutions that create deep auburn stains when mixed with henna are lemon juice and Ancient Sunrise Malluma Kristalovino. If you are seeking lighter color stains choose amla powder, cranberry juice and citric acid.

Malluma Kristalovino is potassium bitartrate also known as cream of tartar. It stains the hair a deep auburn like lemon juice without the possible skin irritation.

Henna For Dry Hair ❤ How To Mix Henna Using Cream Of Tartar

Creating the mix

Your hair will stain red with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of acidic solution per 100 grams henna. This is all you need to acquire a beautiful auburn hair color.

Video demonstrates how to properly mix henna.


Henna For Hair | How to Use it Properly

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