before henna hair picture

Before Henna Hair Picture

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve hennaed my hair! Now, it is time for a touch up! My grey hairs are very noticeable as you can see in my before henna hair picture. They will begin to take over the entire front hairline of my hair if I don’t henna soon. In my last henna mix I used coconut milk to release the dye from the henna. The recipe can be found here. It dyed my hair red, but not as vibrant as I want it to be. This time I wanted to experience the full hair strengthening and color effects of the henna. So, I mixed my full strength henna here. Furthermore, I shared details on how I prepared my henna here.

Also, if you desire deep red highlights or color for your hair purchase body quality art henna that has a lawson content of around 3. Body quality art henna with high Lawson content can be found at your local Indian store, online at or


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