Preparing henna

Preparing Henna | How to Prepare Henna for natural hair treatments.

Preparing Henna

There is one thing that I always keep on hand in the freezer and ready for my next hair treatment is my henna. I consider using henna a treatment because of its many wonderful benefits. Such as maximum grey coverage, vibrant hair color, strengthening of hair and improving scalp health. Unlike regular hair dyes, henna takes a minimum of 8 hours to release its dye content. Preparing henna days in advance cuts down time and makes the application process so much more easier. Therefore, you can have your henna read when you need it by following these simple steps.

Steps To Preparing Henna

1. Have your supplies ready

  • Body Quality Art Henna
  • Acidic Solution (lemon juice, amla, 100% cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar)
  • Purified or distilled water

2. Mix ingredients at least 24 hours or more in advance.

  • It takes 8 to 12 hours for full dye release. Dye will be ready within this time frame.

3. Use immediately or freeze until ready to use.

  • Henna dye content begins receding and becomes less potent after the 12 to 14 hour mark. Therefore, henna must be used immediately or frozen until ready to use.
  • Frozen henna last 4 to 5 months in the freeze.
  • Also, frozen henna will give your hair more intense red color and dye uptake.

4. Freeze henna in small sandwich bags or ice cube trays for easy application.

Finally, watch this detailed video on how I mix and prepare my henna here.

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