My turning point was February this year. I cut off my long treated hair and opted for a natural look. Before I came to Kampala this year, I was living in Mbarara and I had a personal hairdresser. He was really good at his work. He used to advise me on what products I should use for my hair and what I shouldn’t. My hair then really looked pretty. It didn’t break. Every day, I prayed that I would get another person as good as him if moved to another place.

Unfortunately, I met worse fate than I had hoped. I thought Kampala would be a hub of good hairdressers but to my shock, it wasn’t. Many of them are very incompetent.

I thought I would get a salon where my hair would be treated from but I was very disappointed. At all the salons that I went to, the hairdressers would not wash my hair well, they wouldn’t even give me any advice on which product to use or not to use. I feel the hairdressers I met all had an ‘I-don’t-care attitude’. Three weeks later my hair started breaking so much that it attracted the attention of those I worked with.

I knew the only way I had to achieve my glory back was to cut it off. From then on, I decided not to visit the salons again. But natural hair is really hard work.

I don’t shampoo or wash my hair regularly because it’s hard to comb. I wash it once or twice a month. Then I oil it once or twice in a week depending on the weather. Usually, when it is hot, the hair dries up faster than when it is cold,so, I apply more food hair during the hot season. I also do treat the hair once a month just to give it life. I also do plait it before I go to bed to keep it soft and straight so that it is not very painful while combing in the morning. This does not take a lot of time because I do it while watching a movie. I am somehow happy with my hair and the way it looks. I would rather “suffer” looking after it than go to hairdressers who don’t have the slightest idea about how one should keep their hair neat.

As told to Sharon M. Omurungi



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