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Chunky Braid Out (Tutorial)

Hell Naturals! Cassadie of Natural Selection Blog created this fierce chunky braid that I just had to share with everyone! Below is her step-by-step guide to creating this funky hair style.


1. Starting with dry, stretched, and NOT freshly washed hair, moisturize hair using leave-in conditioner and hair oil of choice. Separate hair into sections. Using 10 sections.

2. Turn on a movie.

3. Take about a nickel-sized dollop of hair butter or oil and smooth along the length of the section. Braid hair- tight enough so that its a solid braid, but not too tight so that you’re pulling your hair into sort of a face lift. Leave ends loose-ish and secure with bobby pin.

4. Continue watching movie and braid each section as described in Step 3.

5. Fall asleep watching movie once finished. Wake up in the morning.

6. Unbraid each braid carefully. Separate for volume. Fluff roots with fingers and GO!

7. Rock your big hair! And repeat again for the next day!














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