Mixed Chicks Haircare Line Sues Sally’s Beauty Supply

From Essence.com

This just in: one of the most beloved haircare lines for naturally curly women and kids, Mixed Chicks, just filed suit against Sally Beauty Supply. The reason? Mixed Chicks is claiming that the mega beauty chain’s new hair line, Mixed Silk, is infringing on the their trademark. They’re also alleging that Sally Beauty Supply is using the Mixed Chicks logo on its website to direct consumers to their infringing products…

Mixed Chicks Co-Founder Kim Etheredge has this to say: “We’ve worked hard to build the reputation of the Mixed Chicks product as one of high quality. We want our clients to know that the Mixed Silk products have no connection with our products, and Mixed Chicks has not endorsed or authorized them.” We’re fans of both Mixed Chicks and Sally Beauty Supply, and hope that they reach an agreement soon!