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Several years ago I decided to stop chemically straightening my hair with relaxer treatments by learning how to maintain my hair in its natural state. This is something that I mastered but why am I not satisfied. It is like I am missing something. Plus I am putting in more effort to style my hair than I did when I used chemical hair relaxers.

Reevaluating why I decided to “go natural”.

Now it is time for me to reevaluate why I decided to “go natural”.  I wanted a sense of freedom from everyday hairstyling, embrace my natural hair texture, and that my hair is unique and different in its own way. The problem was I subconsciously did not love my hair. Simply because it just got in the way of everyday life. The time spent styling my hair daily or weekly.  Getting outdoor more due to environmental conditions (humidity, wind, fog, rain). Plus enjoying the beach and water frequently (equals dry, matted, super frizzy hair).

Simplifying my hairstyles.

In order for me to enjoy life without my hair getting in the way, my hairstyling method had to be simple. There are a few styles that will make my life easier, the low afro, dreadlocks, box braids, or two strand twists. When choosing a hairstyle I had to consider the amount of time I will be willing to maintain them daily or weekly. The wash and go hairstyle perfect for specific occasions.  However, it will require way too much manipulation on my individual hair strands for my lifestyle. Box braids and two strand twists have become my go to hairstyle.

Building a solid hair regimen.

Finally, building a solid hair regimen is the deciding factor if you succeed with your hair goals. I created a regimen that seems to work well for myself but I needed to include my 3 daughters without becoming overwhelmed. I need to create a schedule for restyling their hair.

My girls’ hairstyle has always been really simple for day to day life. Unfortunately, It was a real headache whenever they would go swimming. Just imagine having to wash and style your tightly curly hair plus 3 more every time you go swimming! Therefore, their hair is styled twists or braids 90% of the time which makes hair maintenance so much easier for me.

I’ve greatly improved our hair care regimen but I’m still working on it. I’ll be posting more on this soon.

Is your hair your freedom? Does your hair get in the way of your everyday life? Comment below…

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