This hair care tip will teach you how to protect your curly tresses and keep it well hydrated while you workout.  The great thing about exercise is that it keeps our blood pumping and helps us quickly get rid of  unwanted toxins.  But our hair strands can quickly absorb those unwanted toxins which can create a potential problem with our hair.  We also have the tendency to cleanse our hair more frequently when we exercise.  The following tips will help keep your hair nourished and and great condition.

[button color=”black”]Protect your curly hair while your workout:[/button]

Tools Needed:


Workout Headband

Satin/Silk Head Scarf

[button color=”black”]Steps:[/button]

  1. Apply conditioner (1 part water and 1 part conditioner) to the hair strands.
  2. Comb through to distribute
  3. If possible gather into a ponytail
  4. Where a headband or silk scarf. ( This is to keep the conditioner and sweat away from the face and neck)

[button color=”black”]Why this works:[/button]

  • As your body heat rises, the conditioner  will penetrate the hair more effectively, increasing moisture.
  • The conditioner  acts as a barrier while you workout, preventing the hair from absorbing sweat and toxins into the hair shaft.
  • The conditioner keeps the hair soft during  washing process.  In this case you will be co-washing your hair which is a conditioner rinse.  All you do is wash the conditioner out,  apply your leave-in conditioner and/or oil then go.  That’s it!

[button color=”black”]Note:[/button]

  • Continue to follow your weekly hair cleansing regimen.  Shampooing is a must since it removes dirt and buildup from the scalp.  You should shampoo the scalp only with a sulfate free shampoo then rinse.  Follow with a good deep conditioner.
  • Sulfate free shampoos do not strip the natural oils from the hair.

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