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Dry Hair Remedy | Steam Your Hair Without A Steamer

Why steam your hair without a steamer? The hair steaming method is to help infuse extra moisture that is needed for dry hair. It is time to infuse your hair with moisture without breaking the bank.  Save your money ladies! I find that steaming your hair works just as well as deep conditioning under a hooded hair dryer. Try this hair steaming method from Au Naturale, I promise you will find it very pleasing.  All you will need is a hooded hair drying and a few household tools lying around the house.



What you will need:

2 face cloths

A bowl full of hot water (not boiling)

2 plastic caps or plastic bags

A hooded/bonnet dryer


1..  First, begin preparing your hair by washing and applying the conditioner or hair treatment.

2. Next, soak the two face cloths in the hot water. Then wring some of the water out of the first face cloth. Remember the cloth should be wet but not soaking.

3. Now place the cloth over your hair and immediately cover with one of the plastic caps/plastic bags.

4. Wring the second face cloth then apply this over the first plastic bag that is already on top of your head and immediately apply the second plastic bag/cap.

5. Finally, ensure that the last plastic bag is tied securely around the hairline to prevent water dripping down your neck.  Make sure that both bags are spacious enough to allow the steam to form.

Source: Au Naturale

  • Diva says:

    I seldom use hair dryer and I always apply oil on my scalp half an hour before shampooing. I also use hair serum, so it helps preventing split ends.