Weaves & Braids

Weaves & Braids | How to properly care for your hair

Weaves & Braids

Your natural braided hair can become very dry and brittle if not well maintained. Improper care of weaves & braids leads to hair damage, breakage, and permanent hair loss. Your hair needs to stay moistened, the use of natural hair oils and butters will help seal moisture in keeping the hair cuticles sealed and protected.


  1. Do not wear hair braided for more than 1 month without shampooing, conditioning and oiling scalp and hair.
  2. Allow hair to rest for at least  2 weeks to a month before reapplying braids. Do not tighten hair while braiding. This causes tension on the hair follicles causing alepecia (permanent hair loss).
  3. Shampoo hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate base shampoos strips the hair natural oils and considered very drying to the hair.
  4. Deep condition hair with a rich cream base conditioner. Cover hair with plastic cap.  Leave in for 20 minutes or more. Then Rinse.
  5. Apply leave-in conditioner.
  6. Oil Scalp and hair using products that contain natural oils such as coconut or olive oil. Yarrow Root Hair & Scalp Treatment  is also a great product for relieving dry itchy scalp.










Alternative when not wearing braids or weave:

Follow instructions above. Comb hair back into a ponytail or bun. Cover with a ponytail extension or wig.  If wearing a wig cover hair with a nylon stocking cap.

You can also style your hair using a roller set, straw set, or braid out.



Weaves & braids