active lifestyle

Active Lifestyle | Enjoying The Great Outdoors!

Active Lifestyle

Eating a healthy plant-based diet, living holistically and imparting an active lifestyle is my primary focus. I also enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, bike riding, the beach, and swimming.  Most of all, I love being in the warm spring breeze since the sun always energizes me.


Improving Total Health

Furthermore, I’ve also noticed how much our health has changed for the best by implementing more plant-based vegan foods into our diet. Adding plant-based meals to your diet can improve your health even if you choose not to go 100% vegan. Click here for our 5 part vegan series. During the past several months I’ve been seeking natural ways to improve my family’s health for the long term.  We started by drinking more health based teas, drinks, smoothies. We’ve also been using natural and therapeutic ways prevent illness, disease and improve our total health.


Solid Skin and Hair Care Regimen

Building a solid skin and hair care regimen can simplify my life since I choose to live an active lifestyle. I’m simply seeking something quick and simple that will make my life so much easier to manage especially since I enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors and in the water. Products we choose to put on our skin and hair play a big part in most issues we have. With hair care, I’ve realized it always leads to the shampoo. I will go into more details on another post.


The Great Outdoors and Hair

Finally, my hairstyles needed to be addressed. Hairstyles can make or break your day when trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Keeping it simple is important to me. Therefore beach and pool friendly hairstyles that require very little to manipulation is a must. This is something I am currently working on. I am seriously thinking about posting more on this topic. Stay Tuned!


Are you living an active lifestyle? Do you enjoy the great outdoors, swimming or the beach? If not, what’s stopping you?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.