Curly Girl Hair Maintenance

Curly Girl Hair Maintenance & Regimen Building

Curly Girl Hair Maintenance

November 7, 2017

After starting the Moisture Max Challenge I’ve noticed a change in the way my hair looks and feel! My hair doesn’t look as frizzy as it once did towards the front of my hair. Also, my curls are looking more defined and my hair is becoming easier to detangle! I will continue to stick to my hair regimen so my hair can continue to improve. To insure that my hair goals stay on track I’ve documented what I’ve done to my hair this past weekend.


Saturday’s Hair Routine

  1. I shampooed, applied a deep conditioner then rinsed, followed by rinsing my hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse.
  2. Next, I distributed a leave in conditioner, hair styling cream, then finished with a hair butter.
  3. Lastly, I divided my hair into 15 to 16 sections, braided it. Then left the braids in until they were completely dry.


Two Days Later

Once the braids were dry I made a decision to do a braid out. As I began to take my braids a loose I realized how soft and moisturized my hair felt. So, I decided to forgo a full day of wearing my hair wild and free. By the end of the day I was not loving how the ends of my hair was feeling this is partly to do with my hair whipping in the wind all day. I’ve been driving around in my car with the window down enjoying the cool fall weather. Therefore, it is best to re-braid my hair and let it be for a while.


What’s Next?

Recently I decided to measure several sections of my hair and discovered it is 8 to 9 inches in length.  To improve length retention I will add oiling the ends of my hair to my regimen. I will also attempt to go longer periods of time wearing my hair in individual braids. Next wash day as a test, I will use a blowdryer to dry my hair. The purpose is for styling improvements and decrease in potential hair breakage, knots and tangles.

I will continue documenting my results and posting updates.

So Stay Tuned!