Hair Growth & Moisture

Hair Growth & Moisture | For Natural Curly Hair

Hair Growth & Moisture

November 14, 2017

Several weeks ago I decided to pay more attention to my hair by focusing on healthy hair growth & moisture. A week ago I decided observe my hair more closely just to get an understanding of what my hair needed. So, I decided to take pictures of my hair so I can document my findings on this blog.

What I discovered that I never payed any attention to was frizz mainly towards to front of my hair. I am talking about high levels of it. What else I’ve noticed is that the lower back portion of my hair was virtually frizz free compared to the front of my hair. My hair was very soft and cottony to the touch all over so there were no signs of chronic dryness.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that my hair was lacking optimal moisture. Maybe, my hair strands needed more moisture infused into them. This is probably the reason why my hair appeared so frizzy and lacking curl definition back then. Check out my past blog post here.

Now My Hair Is Frizz Free!

This past Sunday I decided to wash and cleanse my hair. To my dismay, my hair was soft shiny and frizz free! Immediately, I picked up my phone then began to take pictures. I had to compare my hair to the past pictures I’ve taken a week prior. Below are pictures I’ve taken of my frizz free hair!

Hair Growth & Moisture

Before and After Pictures Of The Front Of My Hair

The pictures below are of the the front of my hair. The picture “with frizz” was taken a week ago. You can see how frizzy it is plus the shine is not as intense. The hair pictured “without frizz” looks smooth with intense shine.

Understanding shine vs sheen the more textured the hair the more sheen it gives off and less textured (straighter) the hair the more shinier the hair is.

Hair Growth & Moisture

Photo Comparison Of The Back Of My Hair

There is no major difference in the photos showcasing the back of my hair. The lower back portion of my hair was always had a defined curl pattern and soft to the touch compared to the rest of my hair. But, what i did notice is that the back of my hair without any product has more curl definition than before. This is why I assumed that just maybe the rest of my hair needed a little more TLC.

Hair Growth & Moisture

Why My Hair Stayed Frizzy and Lacked Shine

What I found out is that most hair care issues can be remedied through proper cleansing and using the right products. I realized that my hair was not getting enough moisture due to my cleansing processes. Also, I needed to build a hair regimen that will help my hair retain moisture. But, for me it was the shampoo.

Once I understood this I knew I was on my way to a lifetime of healthy hair growth! In order for your hair to be at its healthiest it must be properly cleaned removing product buildup, dirt and grim from the hair strands. This allows room for other products such as conditioners, oils and butters to do its job. If the hair strands are not cleaned then it will have a blockage preventing your hair products from moisturizing and nourishing it.

The only issue with the cleansing process is that most shampoos (the ones that will do an excellent job with cleansing the hair) will strip and dry the hair out. So what are you to use? Seek natural cleansers when washing your hair. You will not go wrong when using a natural shampoo. It took me years to figure this out! There is also a method to my madness when I cleanse my hair!

So What Do You Use To Cleanse Your Hair

The shampoo I use is a part of my product line and can be found here. I will give details on how it works. Furthermore, I may do a demonstration so you will get a great understanding why I love it so much! Right now my hair regimen is simple. I cleanse my hair, condition, apply a leave in then finish with hair butter.

The products I use are Silica Shea Shampoo, LeMoka Deep Conditioner, KoKo Du Lait as my leave in and Butter Smooth as my finisher. That’s it! My complete hair care line can also be found here.

My optimum goal is healthy hair growth. I’ve also set a mission to grow long healthy hair with using natural products. I feel so great about my products and hair care regimen I know I can do it! Especially after seeing the above results!

I Even Hennaed My Hair!

After cleansing my hair I decided to give myself a henna treatment following my same hair regimen as above. I will give full details in another post.

Hair Growth & moisture


Until Next Post. Stay Tuned!



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