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History of Relaxers and How Relaxers Work

History Of Relaxers Back in 1998 Dr. Ali Syed helped write a paper regarding content on the history of relaxers and how relaxers work.  I decided to post his writings for those who are interested in learning more about his writings on the relaxer system. Also, how relaxers effects the chemistry, porosity, swelling, loss of […]


Growing Healthy Hair | 7 Things You Must Know About Your Hair

Growing Healthy Hair | 7 Things You Must Know About Your Hair There are seven things you should know about growing heathy hair. Being knowledgeable about your hair will keep your hair healthy and strong. Your Genetics One’s own genetic make-up is certainly an incredibly critical element in the texture and consistency of natural hair […]


Importance Of Protective Styling For Hair Growth & Lifestyle

Importance Of Protective Styling For Hair Growth & Lifestyle Understanding the importance of protective styling is inevitable if you desire to grow your hair to longer lengths or seeking an active lifestyle change. When I first began learning more about how to better manage my natural hair texture I was excited about trying new hairstyles. […]


Curly Girl Growth Progress | Documenting Hair Growth December 2017

Curly Girl Growth Progress December 2017 This is the beginning of me documenting my curly girl growth progress. The pictures I’ve taken are my starting hair length of my 2018 hair growth challenge. Which ranges around 8 to 9 inches in length. I will stay up to date with my hair growth through out the […]


2018 Natural Curly Hair Growth Challenge | Let’s Grow Hair!

2018 Natural Curly Hair Growth Challenge I’ve been growing my hair relaxer free for over 7 years. Furthermore, I’ve learned how to better care my hair in its natural state. My goal is to grow longer healthy hair by challenging  myself to optimum hair growth. This is why created the 2018 Natural Curly Hair Growth […]


Hair Growth & Moisture | For Natural Curly Hair

Hair Growth & Moisture November 14, 2017 Several weeks ago I decided to pay more attention to my hair by focusing on healthy hair growth & moisture. A week ago I decided observe my hair more closely just to get an understanding of what my hair needed. So, I decided to take pictures of my […]


Curly Girl Hair Maintenance & Regimen Building

Curly Girl Hair Maintenance November 7, 2017 After starting the Moisture Max Challenge I’ve noticed a change in the way my hair looks and feel! My hair doesn’t look as frizzy as it once did towards the front of my hair. Also, my curls are looking more defined and my hair is becoming easier to […]

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