14 days of fasting

14 Days Of Fasting

Starting today, I am going a 14 days of fasting. To rejuvenate my body with fruits and vegetables. Also, rid the desire for those high calorie salty and sugary treats.

Lately, I’ve been fiending for salty snacks and sugary sweets that I just can’t seem to break. Furthermore, It’s been a year since I last fast (learn more here) and my body is begging for some internal cleansing. Last year I was going vegan, this year is it all about cleansing myself internally which is well overdue. It is time to take my health to the next level and give my body what it naturally desires!

What is Fasting?

Fasting is to obstain from all or some kind of food or drink for a specific period of time. There are many forms of fasting and people fast in many different ways. In my case, the food I will eat will be created in liquid form such as a smoothie. But will only consist of fruits, vegetables, and water. I’m mean no sweetners, juice, nuts, or milks. The purpose of drinking fruits and vegetables is for the vitamins I will receive and to aid in the internal cleansing process.

A liquid based fast is great for those who what to detox their body, lose weight or impart on a healthier nutritious way of eating.

My Plan

My plan for the next 14 days is to drink 16 to 20 ounce cups of smoothies 3 times a day. But throughout the day I will drink only water when I am not drinking smoothies.

Moreover, I will document my daily progress just to keep a mental note on how my days are going. I understand that the first 3 days will be hard. I will experience headaches and fatigue so resting and relaxing during these days is a must. By day 5 the headaches and fatigue should subside. However, I should keep daily activities to a minimum resting is key.

For now that is it.

Until tomorrow stay tuned for my fasting update.



14 days of fasting

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