Why I Struggled With My Natural Hair Texture

Hi everyone,

Today I will talk about my struggle to embrace my natural hair texture. I have been relaxer free for over 6 years! For the longest, I thought I loved my naturally tightly curly hair. I love that it is different from most hair types and the styling options to choose from is so amazing! Over the past years, I have learned how to cleanse, style and properly care for my hair with ease. What I never confronted was the desire to love my hair disliking the shrinkage, frizz, it’s ability to tangle.

Firs of all, I never paid attention to how I agonized over my hair since I dealt with it for many years. My hair sometimes gets in the way of my desire to live an active lifestyle. This includes swimming and being outdoors in humid, windy or rainy conditions. Furthermore, the idea of having to plan my hairstyle before stepping out of the door can become a bit much for me sometimes.

The Transformation

Finally, after spending several months thinking about what to do to embrace my hair texture I adopted mini twists and Henna in my hair regimen. Most of all,  I understand that henna is known to have wonderful healing, strengthening and conditioning properties. Utilizing mini twists will help in the prevention of hair breakage making it easier to live an active lifestyle. Learning to love my hair is very important for me since I want to set an example for my daughters and my family. I am married with six kids, 3 girls and 3 boys. I want them to grow up understanding that naturally tightly curly hair is not hard to maintain. All you need is a few staple products, a good hair regimen, and a hairstyle that will fit your lifestyle.

Therefore from now on I will be documenting and sharing my hair and my children’s hair progress by sharing information I have learned, hair care regimens, tutorials and more! There is so much I have learned over the past years and so much I will love to share!