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I’m Starting Over With My Natual Hair!

Over six years ago I did the big chop and completely stop chemically processing my hair with relaxers. This was a liberating and exciting time for me. I learned a lot on how to better care for my hair over the years and what I needed to do to keep it healthy.

Hating My Hair

But subconsciously I hated my hair! I mean, I love the fact that I mastered maintaining it in its natural state. What I hated was after the big chop, when I grew more than 4 inches of hair. I was still experiencing the same issues I had when my hair was chemically straightened.

The Weather

My hair just seems to always get the way of the life I wish to live. Such as, checking the weather for the week so I can style my hair accordingly to those days.  Most of all, always being concerned about my frizzy roots and keeping the frizz at bay.

Making Mental Adjustments

In this case, I am starting over. I do not mean doing the big chop. I am just making mental adjustments on how I feel about my hair. Plus, implementing hairstyles that are more conducive to the lifestyle I wish to live.

I am starting over with my natural hair and will be sharing it on my social platforms.

How do you feel about your hair? Are you guys experiencing the same thing? What are your hair dilemmas?

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  1. I used to be worried about persistent hair loss, and I tried several hair care products to bring back the glory of naturally black, thick and shiny hairs but failed.

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