Natural Curly Hair Summer Regimen

Natural Curly Hair Summer Regimen | Getting Summer Ready |Hair Growth Update, Hairstyle, Salt Water Swimming

Natural Curly Hair Summer Regimen

During the past several months I have been getting summer ready. Also, I started natural curly hair summer regimen getting ready for some salt water pool fun! Furthermore, I decided to change up my hairstyles a bit that will involve easy maintenance when swimming. Including the best hairstyles in which my hair will retain moisture. Preventing my hair from breaking and damaged hair strands. For a matter of fact, I have also been experimenting with braid outs and twist outs hair styles. Where I can wear my hair freely while retaining moisture within my hair strands and ends. I even slightly changed up my hair regimen a bit so I can get the best outcome.

My Current Hairstyle

Currently, my go to hair style is braid outs with an occassional twist out. This way my hair is in a stretched hair style which is quick and easy to maintain. Also, the hairstyle is easy for me to maintain moisturized hair ends throughout the week. Better yet, the hairstyles are easy to style different ways based on the occasion. Additionally, I enjoy swimming and water fun especially since the weather is getting warmer. Therefore, mo go to hairstyles will be buns and Bantu knots with occasional twists or braids when swimming.

Water Fun and the Great Outdoors

What is exciting about summer weather is water fun and enjoying the great outdoors more. I’ve already hit the pool a couple of times. For a matter of fact, I’ve been working on an easy way to maintain my families hair after swimming in salt or chlorinated pools. I have been getting some pretty good results. There’s more to it than just washing and conditioning your hair after getting out of the pool. Moreover, I do not wear swim caps they just get in my way. I will go into more details in upcoming blog posts.

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