My Effortless Minimalist Hair Care Method now and going into the future.

Today I am sharing my minimalist hair care method, which began with a wash-and-go styling—involving daily washing to infuse moisture into my hair strands. Then follow with mostly oiling my hair and styling in twists and braids. Furthermore, I will cover my hair in a headwrap style 80 to 90 percent of the time. Finally, to further understand my hair care routines, I am going into more detail.

Wash and Go – The beginning of my minimalist hair care method.

The primary reason I did a wash-and-go is for moisture retention. It’s all about training the hair to maintain moisture for an extended time. I recently did a video explaining the wash and go and why it was part of my hair care regimen.  

Easy Ways To Hydrate Natural Hair (My Wash & Go Method – Including Video)

My wash and go method does not consist of gels and leave-in conditioners. Instead, I only use a conditioner that has very few ingredients in it but contains no oils. The primary purpose of the conditioner is for detangling and softening the hair. Moreover, I will always thoroughly rinse the conditioner from my hair. Then follow up with oiling my hair. I will perform this entire regimen daily. The best time to implement the wash-and-go is during the warm spring and summer months. 

Healthy Holistic Hair Care | My Life Journey


Now let’s get into the following minimalist hair care method of oiling and styling my hair in twists or braids, including head wrapping.

Hair Oiling, Twists, Braids, and Head wrapping – Simplifying my hair routine for healthy hair growth.

Since I’ve done a thorough wash and go for a few months, my hair is now retaining moisture for an extended period. So now, it’s time for hair oiling, wearing my hair in two-strand twists and headwrapping. 

Why hair oiling? – Hair oiling helps the hair retain moisture and softens our hair.

Two-strand twists and braids – aids in the prevention of water loss. Also, it minimizes knots and tangles, allowing easy styling and manipulation throughout the week.

Headwrapping –  acts as a protective styling by protecting our hair from the environment, aiding in moisture retention, and as an accessory to your fashion style.

Turbans and Headwraps | Benefits of Wearing Them

My current Minimalist Hair Care Method now and going into the future. 

I am using a simple holistic method that involves only a few items: water, a cleansing agent, oil, herbs, and headwraps. 

  • Water Based Moisturizing Herbal blend – to aid in moisture retention by washing my hair and spritzing at least twice a week.
  • A cleansing agent – this would be a flower or herb. The purpose is for deep cleaning, which I will do one to two times per month. I will share more information on this in future blog post.
  • Oils – primary purpose is moisture retention, for ease of hair detangling, softening my hair, and shine.
  • Herbs – to be used to aid in scalp health and cleansing.
  • Headwrapping – the purpose of headwrapping is for environmental protection and to complement my style of fashion.

5 Benefits of Using Oil for Hair & How to Optimise Your Results

My goal is to remove shampoo and soap from my hair care regimen and use only herbs and oils for hair cleaning. Removing shampoo and soap from my hair routine is a part of my current hair care focus. 

How Shampoo Works

Shampoo and soap are not necessary for the maintenance of afro hair. In actuality, it is very drying. I am currently learning different hair care methods involving hair oiling, which I will share in a future blog post. 

Do you have a minimalist hair care method? If so, please share in the comment section below. 

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