Chicoro Length Base Trim

The Chicoro length base trim method is the best way to trim naturally curly hair if you are trying to gain length. This method is the best method to follow if you wish to grow your hair at its maximum length. Where trimming your hair every 4 to 8 weeks will slow the hair growth process.

Instead of trimming your hair every 4 to 6 weeks. You will trim your hair based on its length and your hair goals. The length base trim should only be done on hair that has been heat straighten. This consists of flat ironing or pressing your hair. Once your hair has been straightened examine your ends. There will be hairs that are longer than other hairs. The bulk of your hair will be at the same length. The longer hair will make your hair look uneven on the ends.

Chicoro Length Base Trim Steps:

  1. Identify where the bulk of the hair is.
  2. Determine the next length you want the bulk of your hair to reach.  It should not be longer than 2 to 4 inches than the bulk of your hair.
  3. Trim off the hair that goes beyond the goal length.
  4. Allow your hair to fill in thickly at the new goal point length.  Keep it trimmed at the new length until the bulk fills in.

Use this trim when you are trying to gain length as quickly as possible.

  • Trim every 4 to 6 weeks if you are trying to maintain length.
  • Trim using the length base trim method if you are trying to reach your goal length faster.

Hair and Breakage:

Your hair is most vulnerable to breakage once it grows beyond shoulder length.  From the big chop to shoulder length hair grows faster and healthier if it is well maintained,  moisturized,  and protected.  Most breakage is detected once the hair exceeds beyond shoulder length.   Which is usually 12 to 18 month after the big chop.  Breakage occurs on healthy moisturized hair because there are strands of hair that grow longer than the bulk of the hair.  These strands of hair are vulnerable, exposed, weak and will break off if left ignored.  This is when the Chicoro length base trim should begin, somewhere between shoulder length and bra strap length hair.

If you wish to minimize heat on your hair or if you don’t wish to wear your hair straight often.  Performing the Chicoro length base trim every six months (2x a year) to every 12 months (1x a year)  should be sufficient.  You are only trimming away the hair strands that have grown longer than the bulk (thicker strands) of the hair.

chicoro length base trim

Waist length hair to hip length hair:

Yeh!! You now reached waist length hair.  If you wish to have all of your hair at one length your hair will have to be maintained (trimmed) at waist length hair until the hair evens out.  This can take 6 to 8 months.   If not,  continue your journey to hip length hair or just maintain it at waist length.

Remember protective styles and well-moisturized hair is a must if you wish to reach these goals.

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Chicoro Length Base Trim

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