black Women’s hair & the gym

Black Women’s Hair & The Gym

Black women’s hair & the gym – Many black women avoid exercising because they do not want to sweat out their hair. But if they do exercise they try to schedule their workouts around their appointments. That is why today many women are choosing to go natural.  Their are so many natural hairstyles that you can wear such as wash-n-gos, stylish up-dos, twists, twist outs,  braids,  and braid outs.  Most of all natural hair loves water,  moisture and oils.  Healthy natural hair growth begins with moisture and proper maintenance.

In this story Andrea Walker discusses black women’s hair and the gym.

It may be hard for some people of other races to understand, but hair can be a major deterrent to black women and fitness. Most of us just don’t have the wash and go hair of other races. We’re not going to dare sweat our ‘do out and have to walk around with our hair looking a mess for the next few days.

Many of my girlfriends have traded their long tresses for short natural looks or Afros rather than deal with the hair drama that comes with working out.

But Surgeon General Regina Benjamin says…….

Black women don’t have to sacrifice nice looking hair for fitness. She told a crowd at a hair show last weekend that hair shouldn’t be an excuse for working out.

And she pointed out that she can speak from experience. Michelle Obama, with her diesel arms, doesn’t let her hair stop her from staying fit.

Check out this article: CNN interviews the Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin on black women and working out.

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