Why I Embrace Natural Hair And Reject Weave!

From KlaEnigma

A short film and poem I wrote to highlight the struggles that many black women face when it comes to embracing our natural hair texture and the repercussions of living in a society that often places nappy and unattractive in the same category. For a lot of black women our natural hair texture has been something we’ve learned to disassociate ourselves with from childhood and therefore we lack self esteem and confidence when it comes to being beautiful naturally.

I have also noticed that there are a lot of black women who are intolerant to seeing a black man with a woman of another race. I don’t think race should matter when it comes to a relationship, as long as it is based on love and not based on the societal pressure to look a certain way and therefore produce offsprings that fit into that stereotype of “beauty”. If black women continue to associate beauty with eliminating our natural hair texture and making our eyes and skin color lighter, we cannot then criticize a black man for preferring to date a woman who NATURALLY has straight silky hair, light eyes and light skin.

We are only reinforcing and agreeing with the ideology that there is only one type of beauty– one that doesn’t include us. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors AND hair textures. I hope that more black women take the initiative to understand the importance of embracing our natural beauty instead of depending on a celeb to dictate to us what’s hot and what’s not. Afro hair is beautiful and so is any other hair texture that is taken care of and every woman regardless of her race should strive to embrace and feel comfortable in her own skin. Please feel free to LIKE this video, LOVE it, SHARE it and watch it whenever you want some hairspiration.



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