Vintage Natural “Afro” Hair Care Products Commercials

These are just a few vintage natural “afro” hair care products commercials I wanted to share.




In this video you will see how we were manipulated into putting harsh chemicals and junk in our hair.


These commercials pretty much stated that our hair in its natural state is limited to only the afro and cornrow hair styles. You will have softer easier to comb hair with more styling options by relaxing (straightening the hair with harsh chemicals).

The fact is you have more styling options with natural hair than relaxed hair. Our natural hair is very versatile and is not complicated to comb if you use a proper hair care regimen. Natural hair standard of hair care is not the same as relaxed hair care standards. To simplify it, natural hair loves a lot of water, moisture and oils. Relaxed hair can only handle very little water, moisture and oils. That’s it.

  • tiffnicky says:

    That last video was most interesting to me…calling Ultra Sheen "The Gentle Persuader". Exactly what is it persuading? Your kinks?

    It's amazing how much (and how little) has changed with how natural hair is represented.

    Thanks for sharing these vintage videos.