The Benefits Of Chocolate For Hair & Scalp

If you enjoy the sweet aroma of chocolate you will enjoy the benefits of what chocolate can do for you hair and scalp. Chocolate is packed with an abundant of  vitamins and minerals.This makes chocolate the perfect solution for hair growth and hair health.

The three primary constituents in chocolate that stimulate hair growth and provide hair nourishment are:

• Antioxidants

• B vitamins

• Caffeine

 Antioxidants work in the body to boost our immune system. Hair is always a dead giveaway as to what is going on in the health department of our body. If you have ever spent several days in bed with a bad cold or flu, you have witnessed how limp and dull you hair will become from the weakness of your immune system. Antioxidant presence in the body will result in healthier looking hair.

The B complex combination is truly the winner vitamin for hair. It contributes to the prevention of hair loss, inspires shine, and instigates hair health. Chocolate is loaded with a balance of the B complex vitamins.

Caffeine, in low dosages, will stimulate hair growth, so long as the levels are low. High levels of caffeine will have the opposite effect, since it can wreak havoc with your nervous system.

Hair care products formulated from the cocoa bean will provide the necessary ingredients listed above. The important focus in the application of these products needs to be on the scalp. With the aid of a little heat, which opens the pores, the nutrients from chocolate will be absorbed into your scalp, giving hair the rejuvenating help it needs to be healthy.

One natural hair product to try is the LeMoka Conditioning Hair Mask. LeMoka Conditioning Hair Mask will give you that chocolate fix desired for your hair and scalp. Plus, it’s filled with other natural hair loving  ingredients such as buttermilk and cocoa butter.