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Natural Hair LOC Method | Twists Hairstyle VideoTutorial

Natural Hair Loc Method Watch the Natural Hair LOC Method demonstrated by Curls and Mo in her video tutorial. Also, this video is relevant for those with dry, damaged, natural, curly, kinky, afro, relaxed and wavy hair textures.  Learn More Furthermore, learn more Information about the loc method and step by step guide here.

Natural Hair Revolution: Black Hair In Jamaica

Natural Hair Revolution: Black Hair In Jamaica

There is a natural hair revolution going on among black women, and this time around, the revolution is being televised. Kimala ‘Lala’ Bennett has directed a documentary titled Combing Through the Roots: The Politics of Black Hair in Jamaica, which explores the multiple perceptions of black people’s hair and their manifestations. And last Sunday, Island Naturals, a newly formed support group for Jamaican women with…