Turn Your Straight Or Wavy Hair Into A FOXY Fro!

Straight Or Wavy Hair To FOXY Fro!

In this video, Genevieve Jauquet gives step by step instructions on how to turn your straight or wavy hair into an afro. I personally believe it is wonder seeing women with straight or wavy hair embracing afro textured hair!

Genevieve Jauquet shares tips on how to achieve this hairstyle in this video and answers questions from viewers below.

Tips To Creating The Fro

I keep getting a lot of people asking where I got the hair pins from. I bought them from Sally’s Beauty Supply but they also sell them on amazon:

Another frequently asked question is how long does it last. Well it may start to drop a little bit but it pretty much lasts until you wash it. Once you wet your hair, condition and comb it out it will be back to your regular hair.

Also, a lot of people have asked how long to leave in the pins. I suggest starting with damp hair and then sleeping with it over night, and making sure it is COMPLETELY DRY before you take it out. There’s also been several suggestions in the comments of drying/heating each piece with a flat iron. I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know how well it turns out. If someone has tried that to speed things up. Comment below and tell us if it worked out well!

Thanks for watching guys! Have fun! =D

P.S I just remembered another question, can you reuse the pins. I don’t reuse the pins because they are too bent for me to work with from the twisting but that’s just me.  Maybe you guys would be able to work it! 🙂

*UPDATE JUNE 2013* I truly hope people see this video for the fun hair technique that it is and I not be offended by my race. Please let’s keep a friendly and positive environment in the comments!

Watch as I show you how to transform your flat, straight or wavy hair into a luscious fro. This is really fun to do to your hair, try it out!

Tell us what you think about her afro results?

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