Protein: The ultimate Hair Protectant for Naturally Curly Hair.

Protein is known for strengthening weak, thinning, and damaged hair.  It will also protect the older layers of hair from breakage do to manipulation and environment.

I like using Aphogee 2 step treatment (any other type of protein enriched treatment will do).  This treatment is apply to the hair only once every 6 to 8 weeks.  I use this as a long term hair strengthener and protectant.  Protein hardens the hair and can be extremely drying. There is also possible side effects if protein is used to often.  Use a rich conditioner to deep condition your hair right after doing this protein treatment to soften the hair strands (It is important to follow the directions on the hair product),  follow by a conditioner leave in and seal it with an oil or hair butter.  I avoid using any hair care products that has protein in it or a high percentage of protein in it as a part of my daily or weekly hair routine.


What protein does for the hair?

Externally, protein helps coat the hair, filling in your hair shaft, adding strength to your tresses


What is protein for hair?

Hair is a couple of layers of intertwined keratin that “grows” from hair follicles.

To make a long story short.  If protein is used to often externally you will be adding layers and layers of extra protein over the hair strands causing excessive dryness and breakage.

Using a protein treatment every 6 to 8 weeks correctly will help minimize breakage by filling in any week spots, coating thin or damaged hair strands, and strengthening the older layers on the hair.

If you hair hates any type of protein, I heard that Alma is a good natural protein substitute.