no more tears baby shampoo

No Formaldehyde in Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo

Johnson & Johnson “No More Tears” baby shampoo claims that it will be formaldehyde free with its new formula as of this month.

The US goverment classifies Formaldehyde as a cancer causing agent in high doses. Johnson & Johnson states that the amount of Formaldehyde found in bottle of its shampoo is 15 times less than the amount someone would be exposed to by eating an apple.

Remember Johnson & Johnson is not changing its baby shampoo formula out of the kindness of its heart. Instead it comes after intense pressure from various activists group demanding safer products, plus a new California that forces bath and cosmetic companies to indentify 164 different chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans.

This is why using products made with 100% natural ingredients is the best way to go.

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