Natural Remedies: 5 Easy Tips to Stop Hair Loss

You may notice that your hair is thinning or you may be experiencing premature hair fall due to age, pregnancy, menopause, illness, genetics or other factors that may be contributing to your hair loss. Yes, you can use  prescription drugs or over the counter medications but sometimes trying natural home remedies can help reduce hair loss naturally.


Try the following easy tips at home and see how effective they are in reducing hair loss!

 1. Hot oil treatments: Take a natural oil such as olive, coconut, or grape seed oil, heat it up until  it is warm, but not  hot. Massage it gently into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour, then shampoo your hair, condition, and dry your hair.

 2. Natural juices: Try  rubbing your scalp with either garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it on for several hours then thoroughly wash it out.

 3. Give yourself a head massage: Massaging your scalp for a few minutes daily will help stimulate circulation. Good circulation in the scalp helps stimulate blood flow to your follicles and help nourish it.  If you have dry itchy scalp try massaging it with a few drops of lavender, peppermint or bay essential oil in a coconut, jojoba  or almond oil base.

 4. Antioxidants: Give yourself a hair rinse using  warm green tea (two bags brewed in one cup of water) applied on your scalp, leave it on for an hour and then rinse. Green tea contains antioxidants which prevent hair loss and boost hair growth.

 5. Practice meditation:  Stress and tension most of the times can be the common cause for hair loss. Meditation can help in reducing that and restore hormonal balance.


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  • Also make sure that your scalp is clean as dirty scalp ofter leads to hair loss. Nice article with lots of helpful information.