Natural Hair Story: “I’m natural and I don’t really like my hair.”



I don’t know if this sounds strange or not, but I’m natural and I don’t really like my hair. I don’t dislike it, let me say that, but I’m not in love with it…yet? Is this normal? My hair is really nappy, like really as in no curls, nothing and I want to feel fierce about it, but I just don’t right now……… read more


My response: 

Wow, their are many women going through this.  I believe that natural hair is beautiful no matter what the texture or hair type is.  I find the only way to fall in love with your hair is through the will to document what works and does not work for Your Hair,  styling techniques and all.   You must also have patience and learning what works for your hair takes time.  It may take 6 month, a year or more. Educating yourself is the key to healthy hair growth. Remember this, as your hair blossoms, remains healthy, hair care skills improve and you are able to retain length you will begin to have a love affair with your hair.


What do you think about this topic? Do you feel the same way Tasha feels? Please share your hair story.