Kids Hairstyle: Blow Drying Alternative Using The Banding Method

Summer vacation is over, it’s back to school time for my kids and I have been thinking about a hairstyle that will last for a few days and will stretch her hair. I did not want the shrinkage that occurs with tightly curly hair therefore I needed a hairstyle that will  stretch her hair semi straight. A blowout is not an option since I did not want to use heat so I choose to style her hair using the banding method.


What is the banding method? Banding is stretching your hair without the use of heat styling tools. Instead curly hair is elongated (stretched) using rubber bands or hair ties then left to air dry. Once the hair is completely dry the rubber bands or hair ties are removed  giving your hair a blowout effect.This blowout effect will result in long lasting mini twists without the shrinkage.

Here are the steps I took to stretch my daughter’s hair using the banding method.


1.Thoroughly clean hair with a moisturizing shampoo focusing on the scalp area. It is important to have clean scalp and hair before styling. Especially is the hair is dirty or you plan to go more than a week without washing the hair.


2.Condition hair with a good deep conditioner. A good deep conditioner will replenish the hair with moisture, lubricate the hair with oils or butters and strengthen the hair with protein.


When deep conditioning my daughter’s hair I cover her hair with a plastic cap followed by a winter cap to help generate more heat. I then let the deep conditioner sit in her hair for about one hour then rinse.


3.Apply a leave in detangling conditioner.  This is the time to moisturize  and remove any shed hairs. A good detangling product will leave your hair soft and will take the stress out of detangling.


4.Seal the hair with oil or butter. Sealing the hair with a good oil or butter will prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle quickly. By sealing the hair your hair can retain moisture for 2 or more days without out becoming dry and brittle.


To retain moisture in my daughter’s hair for longer periods of time I prefer to use products that contain high concentrations of butters and oils that will slow the moisture evaporation process from her hair strands.

Lamia banded hair side

5. Section the hair.  Section the hair into several sections. The smaller the sections the straighter the hair.


6. While the hair is still wet begin banding method.  You will use rubber bands or hair ties along each section of hair stretching the hair to its greatest potential.


When banding the hair you will use rubber bands that are made specifically for ponytails and braids. These rubber bands can be found in the ethnic section of any beauty supply store.


7. Allow to air dry. It can take the hair 2 to 4 days for the hair to completely air dry and to receive the best blowout results.


Lamia banded hair back