Inspirational Video: Why Transition from Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

In this inspiring video youtuber  Ninapruitt explains why she decided to no longer relax her hair and go natural.

Tips to get started:

1. Educated yourself on natural hair care by seeking advice and asking questions at hair care forums and at your local natural hair meet ups,

2.  Begin stretching the hair by going 3 months without applying a relaxer.  The goal is to see how long you can go without ever needing to relax your new growth.

3.   If you can make it to 6 months without relaxing you can go a full year or until you are ready to Big Chop!

What you will need:

2. Invest in good hair care products that will give your hair good slip,  detangling, moisture and sheen such as Tukka Natural Hair Treatment and KoKo Du Lait Daily Moisturizing Detangler.

3. Use Sulfate Free Shampoo in your hair.    Sulfate base shampoos have the tendency to dry the hair out and strip the natural oils from our hair. Seek Shampoos labeled SLS Free.

For those who are thinking about or considering embracing your natural hair texture.  Your natural hair (very curly to kinky hair) is not as complicated as you think plus there are many styling options you can choose from.   With natural hair you can wear your hair straight or curly however you choose.  All you have to do is take the time to educate yourself.