How to Roller Set Natural or Relaxed Hair: Step by Step Tutorial (Part 2)

In part 2 of this vidoe you will learn  the  step by step demonstrations  on how to roller set relaxed or natural hair.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

– The total visual layout of each roller set.

–  The directions to roll the hair to get the perfect set and results.

–  The total visual view of the roller set.

Note:  Any size roller can be used. You may need to adjust the dimensions in which you part and section your hair.

Do an overview on how you will style and set your hair before you begin.


Supplies you will need:

– Magnetic Roll Rollers (25 to 50) depending on size and length of hair.

– Spray bottle for water

– long hair pins or

– Rat tail comb

– wide tooth comb

– leave in detangling conditioner (optional)

– coconut, olive,  or jojoba oil to seal in moisture and for added sheen.