henna hair regimen

Henna Hair Regimen | For Strengthening and Coloring Hair

Henna Hair Regimen

It’s been some time since I’ve hennaed my hair and I am overdue for treatment. Here I am sharing my full henna hair regimen on how I henna my hair from start to finish. But first lets briefly discuss the benefits of henna and how it can help your hair grow healthy and strong.

What is Henna?

Henna is mainly known for coloring the hair red. But it also conditions the hair and has anti-fungal properties. It aids in the elimination of dandruff, ringworm, lice and many other scalp related issues.

Products Used

Body Quality Art Henna – which can be found online and at any health or Indian store.

Fruit acid – lemon juice, cranberry juice or amla. I explain more about them here.

Tukka Beauty Hair Products – Can Be found here. I only use my own hair products in my hair.


My Henna Regimen

I begin by wetting my hair then the cleansing process with conditioning shampoo such a to remove product buildup from my hair and scalp. Next, I apply the henna to my hair covering my scalp and the ends of my hair. When done, I cover my hair with a plastic cap then let the henna sit from 2 to 6 hours. Let the henna sit on your hair for 6 hours for the best results if coloring grey hairs.

Finally, I rinse the henna from my hair followed by cleansing any residues a conditioner. I deep condition my hair, apply my leave-in conditioner, seal with my hair butter, then style.

Watch part 2 video to see the rest of my henna process.

Furthermore, learn how I mix my henna here and prepare henna here.

Also, check out my before pictures here.


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