My Story

I spent a good portion of my life trying to maintain relaxed hair never understanding what the relaxer was actually doing to my hair. I knew that a relaxer will straighten my hair making it easier to comb and help my hair grow. By getting a relaxer you have to worry about your hair being over processed, breakage and scalp damage and burns.

Through out the years I spent time and money looking for magic potions and alternative ways to maintain my hair. I even considered going natural but I did not know how to maintain my naturally kinky hair. I was told  that the only way to maintain kinky hair was to keep a TWA “teeny weeny afro” or grow dreadlocks. I was also told that Afro textured hair was very hard to comb and that hair styles used to maintain Afro textured hair were too dramatic and unprofessional.

One day I watched the movie “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. This movie changed my life and the what I thought about chemical treatments.  As a wife and mother of 6 kids, I  began to think about my and my 3 little girls  long term health. I also wanted  my 3 boys to become more educated about natural hair.   This is when I decided to begin my transition into going natural, begin learning more about my hair texture and the best ways to maintain it.