Hair Story: How I Dealt With My Hair Texture Disappoinment

I think just about every natural haired woman has experienced some form of disappointment with their hair. Perhaps your hair just won’t cooperate that day, or maybe it’s in the awkward length stage and you’re frustrated.

However, not many women like to talk about being let down when they see their true natural hair texture for the first time.You have this picture perfect idea in your head of what your hair will look like once you cut off your relaxed strands, but your curls turn out to be nothing that you expected.

It would be a crime if I didn’t admit that I’ve been disappointed myself. My disappointment didn’t come immediately after my big chop. In fact, I was very pleased with my curly, short teeny weeny afro. It was easy, simple and you could finally see my face.

My disappointment came when I decided to stop cutting my hair and let it grow out. The first year of growth was easy breezy. My hair was still short enough for a wash and go, but long enough for cornrows and other styles. I was pleased with my growth, and I was looking forward to where my hair would take me.

After the first year, I started to get frustrated. I would wash and go, but my hair wasn’t cooperating like it did when it was an inch long. My curls didn’t pop as much, and I really noticed the thickness in my roots. My hair was also very dry, and I didn’t really notice how dry it was until I had a good amount of length. ………..Continue Reading: BlackHairInformation