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Aron Ranen’s Black Hair Documentary

Aron Ranen’s black hair documentary which is an eye opener that I wanted to share. This video documentary is based on  how Koreans are dominating the black hair care market in black communities.  I believe that in time  natural hair care will become the new staple among blacks  and relaxers, petroleum, mineral oil based products […]


Hair Relaxers | PH Level of Hair During Processing

Hair Relaxers | Understanding The PH Level of Hair During Processing Dr. Ali N. Syed enlightens us with data about the PH levels of hair during relaxing.  The pH of the hair goes through considerable changes during the relaxing process. These events take place before, during, and after relaxing the hair.  He also discusses the swelling […]


The Importance of Protective Styling for Girls with Natural Hair.

NikG of Beads,Braids,Beyond gives great information on the importance of protective styling little girls hair.  She gives vital tips how to protect your little girls hair from breakage and damage. I, like many other mothers, absolutely love hair accessories. Beads, barrettes, ballies, bows etc. Sometimes, all of those extra hair accessories are unnecessary and if […]


Flat Irons Could Damage Hair | Dermatologists Warning

Flat Irons Could Damage Hair Dermatologists warn that flat irons could damage hair and lead to hair breakage by Dr. Mirmirani. Flat Irons Could Damage Hair – While hairstyles come and go, pin-straight hair favored by A-list celebrities and emulated by scores of loyal fans from coast to coast appears to have real staying power. […]


News Achor Goes Natural and Reports on the Black Hair Care Industry.

News Channel 5 reporter Rochelle Ritchie’s drastically changes her hair and reports on the black hair care industry. View this video and read her story below. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla – It’s a nine billion dollar industry. From hair relaxers, to extensions and now the popular lace front wig, black women are the biggest target […]


Aloe Vera Hair Regimen | For dry itchy scalp and dandruff

Aloe Vera Hair Regimen  Treatment for dry and itchy scalp. This aloe vera hair treatment will help restore dry hair and provide relief to dry itchy scalp and dandruff.  Perfect for those who are also experiencing breakage or hair loss. Instructions: Wash your hair with Sulfate Free Shampoo. Sulfate shampoos are very drying and can […]

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