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Before Henna Hair Picture | My Natural Greying Hair

Before Henna Hair Picture It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve hennaed my hair! Now, it is time for a touch up! My grey hairs are very noticeable as you can see in my before henna hair picture. They will begin to take over the entire front hairline of my hair if I don’t henna […]


Preparing Henna | How to Prepare Henna for natural hair treatments.

Preparing Henna There is one thing that I always keep on hand in the freezer and ready for my next hair treatment is my henna. I consider using henna a treatment because of its many wonderful benefits. Such as maximum grey coverage, vibrant hair color, strengthening of hair and improving scalp health. Unlike regular hair […]


Best Henna Mix For Intense Red Color | Curly Girl

Best Henna Mix For Intense Red Color To achieve the best henna mix for intense red color or highlights begin by mixing henna with the proper acidic solution. Since lawsone molecule migrates from the henna plant into the hair keratin. It will only stain the hair red-orange color. Therefore, red stains of henna are more […]


Henna Natural Curly Hair | The Beauty Of Henna

Henna Natural Curly Hair | Beauty Of Henna This video contains close up pictures of my hennaed hair. It also explains the beauty of henna and natural curly hair. Additionally, this video is a sequel to my blog post  Beginning Henna | For Moisture Strengthening and Hair Growth. Enjoy! Furthermore,  henna can be purchased at […]


Beginning Henna | For Moisture, Strengthening & Hair Growth

Beginning Henna I’ve been using henna for years. I even ventured off into commercial hair dyes which worked for a while but eventually irritated my scalp! However, several months ago I decided to give henna another try. Most of all, henna have wonderful benefits for hair health. You can learn more about it here. In […]


Coloring Gray Hair | How To Avoid Damaged Tresses

Coloring Gray Hair | How To Avoid Damaged Tresses   When gray hair first begins to emerge we instantly take notice. Especially since gray hair strands stand out next to the darker colored strands. A few gray strands are easily ignored until the gray salt and pepper look begins to make its appearance along the hairline. […]


Henna For Natural Hair and Its Health Benefits

Currently,  there is no regulation or standardization of henna processing and exporting, therefore henna is not used for its health benefits. Today, henna often contain unlisted additives, adulterants, metallic salts, para-phenylenediamine and other dangerous chemicals which could cause serious harm rather than healing. Henna is agricultural product and there is tremendous variation within and among […]

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