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Natural Remedies: 5 Easy Tips to Stop Hair Loss

You may notice that your hair is thinning or you may be experiencing premature hair fall due to age, pregnancy, menopause, illness, genetics or other factors that may be contributing to your hair loss. Yes, you can use  prescription drugs or over the counter medications but sometimes trying natural home remedies can help reduce hair […]


Hair Care Recipes: Tropical Treats For Summer Hair

We all know that the summer heat can bring dry hair to our curls and the sweat can bring toxins to our scalp. Try these 100% natural grocery store tropical treats you can create yourself to beat the heat and hydrate those curls! Coconut Banana Hair Smoothie: Blend 1 can of Coconut milk, 1 half […]


4 Natural Hair Care Myths

Check out this article over at Black Girl with Long Hair After 7 years of being natural I’ve learned that not everything that seems like good advice will actually work for my hair. There are a number of myths, some that existed in my own mind and others that I heard from outside sources that […]


What Does Your Natural Hair Eat?

Do you know that you Natural Hair should actually eat almost the same thing you eat? I don’t mean what you eat affects your hair (which is also true), I mean that your hair literally feeds on some nutritious food you eat also. I remember one time, when a guy overheard me saying I put […]

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